Soft Serve

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Because really, who dosn't want an ice cream cone lamp?

Tall Trees

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Tree motifs are everywhere these days and this is one of the best renditions that I have seen. A turquoise and blue tie-dyed bag with a screen printed tree and cool, grommet/top stitched handles-I must have it!


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Poladroid is THE coolest program ever. Once downloaded, a polaroid camera comes up on your desktop. Then, simply drag your photos (or someone elses, like the one above of John Mayer) onto the film, and your photograph will be turned into a polaroid!


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Cozy socks! What could be better than putting these on and having a mug of hot chocolate on a cold day?

Rainbow Bright

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Rainbows are some of my favorite things on earth. These cheerful sunglasses and flash drive add a much needed dose of happiness to dreary January days. Sunglasses, mimobot flash drive

Tarina Tarantino

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These bright, sparkly pieces from Tarina Tarrantino are just the thing to combat a dreary day!


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While I admire the Feed campaign, I was never a fan of the original hemp tote. However, I love the new canvas version, especially with the new Feed patches sewn on. Each patch is $25, and will provide 25 meals for the country on the patch through the world food program. Doing good and looking good? LOVE! available from

Hilarious Holiday e-cards

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Awesome e-cards from

Rainbow Taj Mahal

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Just what I'd want to snuggle up with on the couch-a rainbow fleece Taj Mahal! It's great and on sale on

Free People Accessories

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I Love Stripes!

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As if it wasn't apparent already, I am a total sucker for stripes! These cool combinations are from Free People.

More New Free People Clothes

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New Free People Clothing

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I love this henley and the crocheted "Grandma" skirt-both new from Free People.

Key to My Heart

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I adore these cute, hand drawn looking pillows from

The City of Light

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The prettiest monument from one of the most beautiful cities on earth-OF COURSE I WANT THIS SITTING ON MY COFFEE TABLE! Lovely lamp from

Beaded Lanterns

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Beaded and sparkly! This beautiful scarf is both subtle and attention grabbing. By: Antik Batik from

Garden Party

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These earrings remind me of a key to a secret English garden, and oxidized copper garden accessories. Love!!!

Peppy and Preppy

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These sweaters remind me of 50's era sweaters, from a time when soda shops and poodle skirts ruled. These are in such fresh color


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Asymmetrical zippers shake up what would be an otherwise more mundane sweatshirt. From


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Text and books-two of the best things on earth are emblazoned on these wonderful graphic pillows from CB2.

Domino Effect

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Domino is the best home design magazine that I have ever come across. It makes my day when a new one is put on the shelves at the bookstore! This ingenious book from the editors of the magazine is being put straight onto my wish list!


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USB ports, possible the most useful objects in existence, have had a recent cute and colorful face lift. The port-man and colorful stack of ports are both available from

Charlotte Ronson

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This fabulous ensemble is by Charlotte Ronson and available on