Gap Sweater

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I am crazy about this wool sweater from Gap.

Fun Jewelry

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I love this miniature cassette tape necklace!

New Dresses

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Today I received an email from announcing their new assortment of maxi dresses, and I have to say I LOVE this one from Alice+Olivia (bottom). While I was looking through the site I checked out Catherine Malandrino's new collection and found two dresses of hers that I loved too!

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The online counterpart to Lucky magazine has one of my favorite features-a section entitled "Cute Outfit of the Day". Each day the person in the Lucky offices who has the cutest outfit on has their picture put up on the site with a listing for everything they are wearing, and a little blurb on something (a website, a blog, etc..) that they are obsessed with at the moment. Not only do I get outfit inspiration from here, but I also find listings of new cool websites to check out!


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The sophisticated, cool looks are from Pencey's new lookbook on I love the urban, prep school-meets-downtown chic looks- especially the shoes in the bottom one!

Free People Ornaments

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I love these ornaments from Free People-they are so crafty, and festive!

Accessory Report

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Pretty, unexpected, and obsession worthy-accessories from Free People never fail to be all of these things. Their latest collection of goodies is just as spectacular! From top: Celestial Necklace (I love the diminutive stars!!), the silver woven bracelet (if you don't want to shell out the $448 for it, there is a similar looking one available from for around $30), a tiny camera, and a sand timer-I love them all!!!-all available on

Sweets from Dylan's

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Dylan's Candy Bar-the New York Institution brought to you by Dylan Lauren (Ralph's daughter) never fails to excite even the most serious adults. The moment you step in the colorful shop you cannot help but smile, and these items are doing the same thing for me on the shop's website. Really, what could make someone happier than a rainbow of truffles?! (colors+chocolate, could there be a better combination?!) Not much. In case your day has been dampened by rain, never fear, candy printed rain boots and umbrellas are here!-all are available and holiday ready at Gift Ideas

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I have been scouring the web all year for fun, truly unique gift ideas for this holiday season. One of the best websites out there is, and once again they have some of the cutest gifts I have ever seen! From top: "Handmade Hellos"-a book full of how-to's on how to make fun letters and cards (as a college student I will say that one of the most fun things to receive is a handwritten letter through snail-mail); and what girl wouldn't LOVE a liliputian cupcake or yummy pretzel hanging around their neck?!; for the hipster-author-zinewriter you know "Indie Publishing" is perfect! It is another step-by-step guide on publishing your very own book; Juno's Hamburger Phone is as hilarious as it is useful; and lastly who doesn't love the look and meaning of a peace sign? What better way to promote peace than with cake?-all available at

291 Venice

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291 Venice makes the coolest and most random sweats ever! These sweatshirts are awesome-anything with names of exotic locales on it is fantastic and I am dieing to have it, and the one with Nepal on the sleeve and a cool flower on the back! The only downside is that they will each set you back $171-on

Delias Ad

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Anything rainbow is amazing, and this ad is so bright and cheery-it makes me want to buy everything in it for fall!

Yoga Mat

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Best invention ever-yoga mat with silver woven INTO it! That means antibacterial yoga-no catching funky diseases using the ones at the gym-I am buying this for everyone for the holidays.

Decorative Milk Bottles

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I adore these pretty milk bottles/vases-love the cartoonish designs.

Graphic Rugs

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Graphic fonts, fun color combinations and keys-(always love keys) on these Urban Outfitters rugs are AWESOME! You could even mount these on a wall-awesome for a dorm room or apartment.

Graphic Dishware

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The vintage mixed with modern graphics on these bowls are awesome, and I love the colors! Urban Outfitters is always a great place to go for unique dishware.

Edun scarf

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This scarf is from Bono's line EDUN so it is no surprise that it is awesome just like the rest of the line-but this piece is a standout! The scarf has a Rilke poem on it which means that not only does the old time script give the scarf a great graphic element, but it also ACTUALLY means something! The words were not simply created to add to the look-but can also stand on their own. LOVE!

Precious Metals

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These new necklaces from Dogeared and part of the "Precious Metals" line are so cool! The way they played with negative space is so fresh and unexpected! I love them!

Awesome Vans

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I found a picture of these shoes done by Trent Taylor. They were just so cool I had to put them up. I love the choice of drawings and the colors, these make me want to make a pair too!