New Anthropologie

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I loooove these new pieces from Anthro. Rainbows are some of the best things in the world and so are sparkly chandeliers, put those onto a V-neck and I'm completely obsessed. The tank is great for going out. This dress exudes whimsical fun, but also reminds me of an incredibly chic French woman.

Outerwear Extravaganza

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I love outerwear. This is a recent discovery of mine, and my coat closet at home is already at capacity. However, these new jackets and coats from Anthropologie are so great that I might just have to invest in space bags....

It's the Bomb

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Bomber jackets. Buy one. The end. Available here.


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These tops from Urban Outfitters are the best that I've seen from them in quite a while. The cerulean and turquoise striped tee is great (ignoring the fact that the stripes don't continue onto the back-one of my biggest pet peeves), and the other two are excellent for fall. Random side note: I'm really getting into longer shirts lately...

Fall Dresses

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So, for the first time in history I both like, AND find the new Urban Outfitters fall line wearable! These are some of my favorites.

Wrap London

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So, I received a package from home today, and in it was a catalogue for a brand called Wrap London. The cover looked promising, lots of layers, scarves and denim-all of which I love. As I flipped through the rest of the pages, I was pleasantly surprised! Several sweaters and tunics would look great with the denim already in my closet. The line feels like a more subdued version of my other UK favorite-Boden. All of the items are available here.

Artsy Tees

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So, a few years ago I discovered this website called 2k by gingham and fell completely in love with it. The shirts display the work of different illustrators and graphic designers and are all infinitely more original than anything from Urban Outfitters. Available here.