We Dance-EP

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Jason Mraz's new EP titled We Dance is awesome. It varries somewhat from his other work, lots of guitare and all very catchy-LOVE! check out the CD here :http://http://www.amazon.com/We-Sing-Dance-Steal-Things/dp/B0013FNC38 or on iTunes


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Not only is this magazine the best resource for semi-underground designers, but they have recently teamed up with Urban Outfitters to produce a line of t-shirts and accessories. However, my favorite has to be this diamond-caricature covered Zune!

Wounded Line

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I was lucky enough to meet Nick Warska and his mom at the Chicago Antique Market this past summer. They make amazing jewelry like big, tough rings with a little sweetness-a pearl or some diamonds. They also have some pretty cool logo jewelry with the brand name embeded in the pieces. Though rough, cool screen printed t-shirts are my favorites from this extremely talented duo.


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Gavin Creel-the most amazing actor EVER to hit musical theater has a new song up on youtube. LOVE!!!