L.L.Bean Plaid

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Now, I have always been a fan of the plaid J.Crew bags that look a lot like these from L.L.Bean, but I never liked the silver nail-head looking things where the blue triangles are on this version. I also never liked the skinnier shoulder strap on the J.Crew version, so this more classic rendition from L.L.Bean looks perfect! An added bonus-they are much cheaper; the mini is only $19 and the medium is $25-perfect for summer, and perfect in less than ideal economic times. Available on llbean.com

Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs is my lover-at first, this dress was a little sketchy, but then I saw the full shot of the dress and I have to say, I'm officially obsessed. The dress incorporates black velvet bows, gray vertical stripes, and a zig-sag edging on the fabric-it's so girly, and even looks good with a cardigan on over it. Available from netaporter.com