291 Venice

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291 Venice makes the coolest and most random sweats ever! These sweatshirts are awesome-anything with names of exotic locales on it is fantastic and I am dieing to have it, and the one with Nepal on the sleeve and a cool flower on the back! The only downside is that they will each set you back $171-on shopbop.com.

Delias Ad

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Anything rainbow is amazing, and this ad is so bright and cheery-it makes me want to buy everything in it for fall!

Yoga Mat

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Best invention ever-yoga mat with silver woven INTO it! That means antibacterial yoga-no catching funky diseases using the ones at the gym-I am buying this for everyone for the holidays.

Decorative Milk Bottles

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I adore these pretty milk bottles/vases-love the cartoonish designs.

Graphic Rugs

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Graphic fonts, fun color combinations and keys-(always love keys) on these Urban Outfitters rugs are AWESOME! You could even mount these on a wall-awesome for a dorm room or apartment.

Graphic Dishware

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The vintage mixed with modern graphics on these bowls are awesome, and I love the colors! Urban Outfitters is always a great place to go for unique dishware.

Edun scarf

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This scarf is from Bono's line EDUN so it is no surprise that it is awesome just like the rest of the line-but this piece is a standout! The scarf has a Rilke poem on it which means that not only does the old time script give the scarf a great graphic element, but it also ACTUALLY means something! The words were not simply created to add to the look-but can also stand on their own. LOVE!

Precious Metals

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These new necklaces from Dogeared and part of the "Precious Metals" line are so cool! The way they played with negative space is so fresh and unexpected! I love them!

Awesome Vans

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I found a picture of these shoes done by Trent Taylor. They were just so cool I had to put them up. I love the choice of drawings and the colors, these make me want to make a pair too!

New Threadless Tee

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This new tee from threadless.com made its debut today October 20th and I think it is so creepily cool. I love the color combo and the picture within a picture.

Free People Jewelry

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This lilliputian totem pole is so cute that I couldn't resist! Maybe this fall has me in a Pocahontas mood, maybe Native American style is just really cool. Either way this necklace is too adorable to pass up! It is available on freepeople.com


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Every season I receive my J.Crew catalog and each season I am shocked and amazed at how they can continue to re-work basics season after season and STILL put me into a near frenzy to buy them. These three sweaters are my latest faves.


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I absolutely LOVE Frye's "Veronica Slouch" brown boot. These have been featured in just about every major fashion magazine, and I FINALLY (after YEARS of longing) have my own pair of these fabulously versatile boots!

Purse Party

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I love the items that designers have put out this fall to show their support for the presidential candidates! The democratic party has some of the best designers in the country producing pieces for them and these are a few of my favorites! The scarf is by Rachel Roy, the first bag is by Isaac Mizrahi, the second bag is by Rag and Bone, and the last bag is by Marc Jacobs-all are available at http://store.barackobama.com/Runway_To_Change_s/1034.htm?source=sem-lb-dailycandy-runw